Characteristics, structure and resources of the sector
Algerian aquaculture is currently experiencing a boom in production. Since the creation of the Ministry of Fisheries and Halieutic Resources in 2000, several development plans and programs have been drawn up thus allowing the start of several private aquaculture projects in different sectors of activity.

Current aquaculture production comes from:
Marine fish farming in tanks and floating cages practiced by private operators.
Shellfish farming practiced by private operators producing a few tens of tonnes of Mediterranean mussels and cupped oysters.
Inland fishing carried out by private concessionaires at dams and hill reservoirs, for species such as common carp, Chinese carp, pike-perch, black bass and barbel.
Fish farming integrated into agriculture carried out at farm level by farmers, for species such as Tilapia
Lagoon fishing in brackish water and fresh water in the east of the country is practiced by a private concessionaire, according to the specifications signed by the latter, as part of the preservation of the area which has a special status. The species caught are diverse (sea bream, mullet, eel, sole, European sea bass, sea bass, clam, oyster, marbled, caramot shrimp, common and Chinese carp)