3 PhD Studentships in Fish Biology

PhD Studentships in Fish Biology

The University of Glasgow is offering 3 PhD studentships funded for 3 years in fish biology.

1. Life history strategies in the sea-trout Salmo trutta This project will focus on the environmental mechanisms promoting a sea-migration  life-history pathway in the anadromous variant of this species.

2. The effect of small scale in-stream hydro-schemes on the riverine fishes. Small scale hydro-electric generating schemes are burgeoning in the UK and Ireland. However the potential impacts on the natural aquatic fauna is poorly understood. This project will focus particularly on the impact of small scale hydro installations on native fish species.

3. The ecology underpinning conservation management of rare freshwater fishes This project will focus on the autecology of rare freshwater fish species in Ireland and Scotland. The main study species will be the Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus, smelt Osmerus eperlanus, Coregonus spp. and shad (Alosa sp.). This work will have direct importance in defining future conservation and policy for rare fish.

All 3 projects are likely to take both field study and experimental approaches to questions and there will be a significant amount of time spent in the field.

The projects will be based at Glasgow University's Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment on Loch Lomondside and at the Loughs Agency in Ireland (approximately 50% time in each location).

This studentship attracts an annual stipend of £13,560 and is open to any suitably qualified candidate (a first degree in a suitable subject at least at upper second class or above) from the UK or EU countries. Because of funding restrictions the studentship must begin in summer 2012.

Preliminary applications comprising a full CV, including contact details for 2 referees and a covering letter explaining why you are particularly suitable for this studentship, should be sent to: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.

Projects will be led by Prof Colin Adams (Glasgow University) and Dr Patrick Boylan (Loughs Agency).

Closing date for applications is 14th April 2012.
Interviews are likely to be held in early May.

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