Graduate positions in ecology

Dragonflies, ecosystem engineering and extinction risk:
Graduate positions in ecology: University of Waterloo

Investigation of the role of species modification of the abiotic environment (ecosystem engineering) on population and community dynamics. We are particularly interested in the effects on invasive and endangered species.
Field-based project will examine role of crayfish burrows, and water table fluctuations, on the extinction risk of a small population of Hine’s emerald dragonfly.

The ideal candidate will combine experimental and mathematical approaches to produce powerful conclusions regarding insect dynamics. A background in ecology is required.

To be considered, candidates must be eligible for admission to the Biology graduate program at University of Waterloo

Note: this position requires an April or May start date.

Stipend: Candidates receive financial support through a combination of teaching and research stipend.  Travel funds to attend scientific
conferences are available.

Contact: Dr. Kim Cuddington
Department of Biology
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario

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