Bulgaria's fauna: Copepoda, Harpacticoida

Dear colleagues!

After much hardship and struggle by the author Dr. Apostol Apostolov, the second volume of harpaktikoidnata fauna of Bulgaria is already a fact!

Printed as is Volume 29 of the series "Fauna of Bulgaria" and is dedicated to freshwater and groundwater representatives of the order Harpacticoida (Copepoda).

Monograph can be found in the bookshop in Sofia, BAS, behind the Central Office, Blvd.

The monograph includes a description of 100 freshwater crustaceans of the authorization. Harpacticoida (Copepoda) from surface and ground waters in Bulgaria. Described species belonging to 14 families, 18 genera and 8 breed. For each type is a description of important taxonomic features bionomika, habitats and individual variability. Developed detailed questions on the origin and evolution, systematics and biology of modern harpaktikoidna fauna. Presented is geography and zoogeographical distribution of the fauna of Bulgaria harpaktikoidnata of genera and species level. Information is given for the horizontal and vertical distribution of species and their bionomika in relation to their habitat. Special attention is paid to the origin and species composition of ground harpaktikoidi Bulgarian and a comparison with harpaktikoidite other Balkan countries.

Developed key of families, genera and species. The description of species is supported by detailed illustrations of individual morphological features of importance for taxonomy.

Dr. Apostol Apostolov, Bulgaria

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