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Нов за науката вид, описан от доц. Апостолов

Доцент Апостол Апостолов е описал поредния нов за науката вид ракообразно от разред Harpacticoida (Copepoda). Новият вид е открит в литоралната зона на Западна Исландия. (Атлантически океан). Видът е асоцииран с кафявото водорасло Fucus vesiculosus. Видът е получил името Heterolaophonte islandica.

Статията е депозирана в отдел Библиотека >>>

Публикацията е отпечатана в списание Historia naturalis bulgarica >>>

Apostolov A., 2016. Une nouvelle espèce du genre Heterolaophonte Lang, 1944 (Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Laophontidae) de la zone littorale de l’Océan Atlantique, (côte Islandaise) Historia naturalis bulgarica, 23: 183-194, 2016:


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Нова статия, качена в "Библиотека"

Written by Любомир Кендеров

В "Библиотека" постъпи поредният научен труд на доц. Апостол Апостолов:

APOSTOLOV, A. 2014. Contribution to the study of marine harpacticoid fauna (Crustacea, Copepoda) of Iceland. ZooNotes 62: 1-5.

Abstract: The author reports 19 harpacticoid species (Crustacea, Copepoda) sampled from the marine coastal and brackish waters on the Icelandic shore of the Atlantic Ocean in June and July 2004.
Key words: Harpacticoida, brackish waters, Iceland.

Статията е достъпна за сваляне и от следния линк: >>>>>>



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Harpacticoida (Copepoda) new catalogue from prof. A. Apostolov


The present catalog in an attempt for drafting a full systematic list of all Harpacticoida species determined in Bulgaria, on the basis of literary sources and personal research. The catalog contains all marine species and species found in coastal lakes, estuaries as well as in fresh water and groundwater in Bulgaria.

A list of 289 species of copepods harpacticoids from the fauna of Bulgaria is presented, assigned to 36 families, 98 genera and 8 sub-genera. Thirteen genera are new to the Black Sea and the fauna of Bulgaria: Sarsamphiascus Huys, 2009; Monardius Huys, 2009; Glabrotelson Huys, 2009; Emertonia Wilson, 1932; Pilocamptus Huys, 2009; Karllangia Noodt, 1964; Ambunguipes Huys, 1990; Filexilia Conroy-Dalton et Huys, 1996; Aigondiceps Fiers, 1995; Schizothrix Huys, 1992; Pesceus Özdikmen 2008, Vermicaris Kornev & Chertoprud, 2008 et Proserpinicaris Jakobi, 1972.

In the present catalogue a new subspecies Hypocamptus brehmi (Douwe,1922) subsp. sterbain. from the Black Sea (Bulgarian coast) is described. The catalog is presented according to the latest changes and adopts the phylogenetic system by Seifried (2003), Wells (2007), and corrections in the nomenclature system by Huys (2009). For each species there is short bibliography, synonymy and distribution in Bulgaria.

Photos of some of the species found in the Black Sea are provided at the end of the catalog (Bulgarian coast).
For additional information or inquiries please contact the author at: e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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PhD Position in Aquatic Ecology, Portland State University

Written by Любомир Кендеров

PhD Position in Aquatic Ecology, Portland State University

The Strecker Aquatic Ecology Lab at Portland State University invites applications for a PhD student to begin Fall 2013, studying the effects of hydrologic alterations and climate change on freshwater ecosystem connectivity and ecology on the Columbia Plateau.  This is a truly unique system with many opportunities to develop novel research questions.

Qualifications:  The ideal candidate will have a MS in ecology, biology, environmental science, or a related field.  The candidate should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as knowledge of freshwater ecosystems and quantitative statistical methods.  Potential students should review the application guidelines and deadlines for the PhD program, which is housed in the School of the Environment

Applicants should send: 1) a CV; 2) brief letter of interest describing your experience, qualifications, and research interests; 3) GRE scores and transcripts (unofficial); and 4) contact information for three references to Dr. Angela Strecker [strecker AT pdx.edu].  The candidate will be joining an exciting lab (http://web.pdx.edu/~strecker/
index.htm ) and department (http://www.pdx.edu/esm/) with numerous opportunities to enhance their career by working with ecologists and other scientists. Applications will be accepted until December 15th.

Support is available from a combination of research and teaching assistantships.  In addition, applicants are encouraged to apply for the Cascades to Coast GK12 fellowship (http://www.pdx.edu/soe-gk12/)
, as well as the Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) (http://www.pdx.edu/esur-igert/).  Tuition costs will be waived.

Portland is a vibrant multicultural city that is consistently ranked one of the most livable places in the US.  Portland State University in located in downtown Portland, the major urban center of Oregon.  PSU is a vital component of the city, drawing students from all over the world to study, renowned for the civic engagement and environmental awareness of the university community (http://www.pdx.edu/about-portland-state).  In particular, the Department of Environmental Science and Management plays a critical role in environmental education and research in the region, developing inter-disciplinary research teams and collaborations with a vast
array of partners.

Portland State University is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Institution and welcomes applications from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity.





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